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TAiLoring EducatioN and care to Talents of youth (TALENT)

In Flemish education today, strong emphasis is placed on strengthening inclusion in regular education of students with participation problems due to specific educational needs. An important goal of education and care for students is to support the development of talents and competencies of all young people. Students with strong cognitive skills often need education and care tailored to their educational needs. In comparison with other countries, however, in Flanders, few or no systematic policy actions are implemented to encourage the development of excellence and to prevent underperformance. The identification and care for students with strong cognitive skills are left to the competencies and preferences of individual teachers and schools and the possibilities of parents to call for extra care. From the perspective of equal educational opportunities, it is crucial that knowledge and competencies regarding education and care for cognitive strong students can be widely accessible in education and student care.

The overall aim of the TALENT project is to strengthen education and care for students with strong cognitive skills, as well as the scientific basis. The project will focus on the integration of general development & motivational psychological and educational insights and methods into the research for 'academical giftedness'.

Date:1 Apr 2017 →  31 Mar 2021
Keywords:Education, care, Talents, youth
Disciplines:Developmental psychology and ageing