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Towards the development of next generation diagnostics and susceptibility testing in biofilm-related prosthetic joint infections

We aim to optimize and validate relevant in vitro biofilm models by testing them with PJI clinical samples and isolates. Our findings will translate into innovative and clinical applicable approaches for a better diagnosis of PJIs and determination of antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of the microorganisms involved in PJIs. To this end, we propose the following specific objectives:

(i) Further development and validation of an in vitro SSF biofilm model and a PJI model;

(ii) Evaluation of the suitability of the SSF and PJI models to support growth and biofilm formation for most significant PJI pathogens;

(iii) Setting up a system for antibiotic susceptibility testing of PJI isolates in both models;

(iv) Setting up a system to use both models to isolate PJI pathogens; and

(v) Validation of the isolation and susceptibility testing protocols using the advanced models and comparing their performance to the current state-of-the-art in clinical practice.

Date:1 Apr 2023 →  Today
Keywords:biofilm, perisprosthetic joint infections
Disciplines:Musculo-skeletal systems, Bacteriology, Infectious diseases