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TrĂ¡nsito Educativo: a study on the impact of school transition programs in the secondary school trajectories of children from low socio-economic backgrounds

The primary to secondary school transition is the first bottleneck in educational trajectories worldwide, resulting in low secondary school completion. This study aims to determine if and how an educational program to promote transitions from primary to secondary schools, as implemented in Uruguayan schools, impacts these transitions to secondary education of Uruguayan children, in particular of those with low socio-economic backgrounds. The methodology includes three studies: an impact evaluation of the program and its different implementation modalities, a longitudinal follow-up through administrative registers of the educational trajectories of a large studentsU+2018 cohort and an in-depth qualitative study to assess the particular program elements leading to possible impact.

Date:1 Oct 2016 →  31 Dec 2021
Keywords:Educational transitions, secondary school completion, Uruguay
Disciplines:Education, culture and society, Specialist studies in education, Other pedagogical and educational sciences, Education curriculum, Education systems, General pedagogical and educational sciences