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Trapped ion mobility quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometer hyphenated to automated high throughput liquid chromatography.

Proteins are among the most important molecules in our cells and fulfill a whole series of different functions. They provide structure, are the enzymes in metabolic pathways, act as hormones, are secreted by immune cells etc… The structure of each protein is directly encoded by our genes and thousands of different proteins are present in our cell at any given time. Because of there important role, studying proteins in cancer cells or tissues can help understanding how cancer develop, provide leads for new therapy, or provide markers for detection of disease. To study all proteins in a cell (called the proteome) mass spectrometers are used. However, until recently these machines ware not fast and sensitive enough to analyze the proteins in a single cell or fully study how tumor cells interact with the immune system. With the TIMS-TOF mass spectrometer this now is feasible for the first time. In this project application we aim to acquire a Trapped ion mobility Q-Tof mass spectrometer hyphenated with a high throughput and robust nano-scale liquid chromatography instrument. The combination of which will provide us with a versatile tool that can be used for "single" cell proteomics and very sensitive HLA peptide analysis. In addition, in combination with the EVO-SEP one LC system, which is built for robustness and high throughput, the set-up is ideally suited for analysis of clinical samples (e.g. liquid biopsies) in general as up to 100 samples a day can be analyzed. This equipment will open new opportunities for the Center for Oncological Research (CORE) and help it in its mission to develop new detection and stratification methods and new revolutionary therapies for cancer.
Date:30 Jun 2023 →  Today
Disciplines:Protein diagnostics, Proteins