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The value of diagnostics to combat antimicrobial resistance by optimising antibiotic use (VALUE-Dx).

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is of great public health concern, causing numerous losses of lives worldwide and threatening to reverse many of the considerable strides modern medicine has made over the last century. There is a need to stratify antibiotic and alternative treatments in terms of the actual benefit for the patient, improving patient outcome and limit the impact on AMR. High quality, effective and appropriate diagnostic tests to steer appropriate use of antibiotics are available. However, implementation of these tests into daily healthcare practice is hampered due to lack of insight in the medical, technological and health economical value and limited knowledge about psychosocial, ethical, regulatory and organisational barriers to their implementation into clinical practice.VALUE-Dx will define and understand these value indicators and barriers to adoption of diagnostics of Community-Acquired Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (CA-ARTI) in order to develop and improve health economic models to generate insight in the whole value of diagnostics and develop policy and regulatory recommendations. In addition, efficient clinical algorithms and user requirement specifications of tests will be developed fuelling the medical and technological value of CA-ARTI diagnostics. The value of diagnostics will be tested and demonstrated in a unique pan-European clinical and laboratory research infrastructure allowing for innovative adaptive trial designs to evaluate novel CA-ARTI diagnostics. Close and continuous interaction with the VALUE-Dx multi-stakeholder platform provides for optimal alignment of VALUE-Dx activities with stakeholder opinions, expert knowledge and interests.A variety of dissemination and advocacy measures will promote wide-spread adoption of clinical and cost-effective innovative diagnostics to achieve more personalized, evidence-based antibiotic prescription in order to transform clinical practice, improve patient outcomes and combat AMR.
Date:1 Apr 2019  →  Today
Disciplines:Microbial diagnostics, Molecular diagnostics
Project type:Collaboration project