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Vinificator (R-9033)

If this study can prove the viability, this will lead to the establishment of a vinification company that is anchored with its immediate environment (supplying grape growers). The portability is mainly determined by the character that a province wishes to radiate, but it is not inconceivable that even in Limburg there is room for several vinification companies (apart from Haspengouw there are several wine regions in Limburg). In such a situation, it is of course appropriate to repeat this scenario at the other location. From a strategic point of view, it can then still be decided to do this with the same partners or with other partners (eg regional investment companies). Both situations contain both advantages and disadvantages, and perhaps a separate sensitivity study must precede this. Due to the presence of the Knowledge and Research Center for Viticulture, embedded in pc fruit, and the influx of young people through their training in the SOLV Horticultural School and the after-school training and tourism activities via Studiekring Guvelingen, the efforts will be continued after the project. The project helps to realize the start-up phase, after which the regular structures form the basis for continuation.
Date:1 Jun 2017  →  30 Jun 2018
Keywords:Vinification company, wine regions Limburg
Disciplines:Applied economics, Business administration and accounting, Management
Project type:Collaboration project