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Walking-related fatigability in persons with MS: Psychometric properties of cognitive and coordination fatigability measurements & proof-ofconcept of a rehabilitation intervention (R-11314)

Fatigability is a change in performance over time that changes according to tasks and circumstances. Preliminary data conducted by our team has shown that the only pwMS with walking fatigability had a significant decrease in movement amplitude during a bipedal coordination task in sitting position. However, the within-session and test-retest reliability of bipedal function has not yet been determined. Cognitive fatigability was measured during the cognitive tasks SDMT and PASAT, which needs further investigation of reliability. So far, no research has included exclusively pwMS with walking-related fatigability. It is unknown if the downwards curve in walking speed can be reversed by multi-model interventions. A pilot study conducted by our research has shown that dance therapy significantly improved the impact on fatigue. However, the effect of dance therapy on performance fatigability is still unknown. The first aim of this research is to examine the reliability of interlimb coordination using a bipedal coordination task, and of cognitive fatigability. Also to investigate the effect of an eightweek choreo-based dance intervention on fatigability and fatigue in MS by conducting a pilot randomized controlled trial. Thirty pwMS will be allocated either into a dance group or a control group (focusing on stretching and balance exercises). Clinical and interlimb coordination measures will be collected at baseline and post-intervention. The results of the intervention will assist in understanding the relations between different factors underlying the manifestation of walking related fatigability.
Date:1 Oct 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Functional mobility (human), Neurological rehabilitation, Pediatric rehabilitation
Disciplines:Kinesitherapy, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation sciences not elsewhere classified