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WANDERING THE BLUE FIELDS OF LIMINALITY: An artistic research in the somatic effects of liminal experiences (R-12916)

WANDERING THE BLUE FIELDS OF LIMINALITY is an artistic investigation into liminal states and their sensory manifestations. It focuses on liminality in the form of subtle changes in the ordinary in order to reveal how artistic practices can lead to being physically immersed in liminal states, not in order to escape everyday life, but to expand it. The research focuses on affective liminality in the form of eros, despair, and mourning, sensory liminality in the form of sound and music, and liminal transitions in life in the form of mortality. By delving deeper into this myriad of possible everyday liminal spaces, the research seeks to explore the bodily effects they produce in those who access them. To this end, inspiration is sought from the field of (psycho)somatic care, questioning the ways in which such practices are too often perverted in the pursuit of increased effectiveness and productivity. Therefore, the project sets a clear non-utilitarian and non-therapeutic goal and instead seeks to expand the space for purposeful uselessness by bringing together cultural (artistic and academic) theories of liminality and psychosomatic medicine.
Date:1 Nov 2022 →  Today
Keywords:liminal experience, somatic effects