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XR laboratory prototype for chemical engineering education

The project aims to investigate how abstract conceptual understanding that is taught in formal chemistry, chemical technology courses and practical sessions of Leuven Curricula can be supported and complemented with playful e-learning for secondary-school and university students. In order to achieve this, AR, VR, and mixed reality models will be developed to couple theoretical chemical concepts with practical experience. More specifically, two case studies (a titration experiment and binary distillation) will be constructed so that the experiments can be performed by students in the virtual lab environment. The virtual lab environment is designed such that lab skills can be acquired as in a real lab and it allows the improvement of knowledge on how to conduct chemical experiments. The developed concepts will result in new tools to teach students how to construct experimental setups and how to conduct chemical experiments. In addition, the virtual environment might include supervision so it can be possible to give substantial feedback to the students in the case of improper chemical handling. The experiments chosen above are also possible to conduct in real life that helps in subsequent student training.

Date:13 Sep 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Chemical Education, Virtual Laboratory
Disciplines:General chemical and biochemical engineering not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project