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A 96-channel 40nm CMOS Fully-Integrated Potentiostat for Electrochemical Monitoring

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Multi-channel potentiostats are required for monitoring electrochemical processes in a time- and cost- efficient manner. State-of-the-art PCB potentiostats suffer from a limited number of channels and limited bandwidth. Existing integrated CMOS potentiostats enable more parallel sensing channels, yet are still limited in the number of parallel stimulation channels and their bandwidth. The presented 40nm CMOS potentiostat chip overcomes this bottleneck with 96 individually controllable channels with 125dB current dynamic range and up to 150kHz bandwidth using an on-chip digital feedback controller. The chip supports both on-chip and off-chip electrodes allowing flexible electrode dimensions.
Book: ESSCIRC 2021 - IEEE 47th European Solid State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC)
Pages: 167 - 170
Publication year:2021