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Analysis of the energy release for different magnetic reconnection dynamics within the solar environment

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A 2.5-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics simulation analysis of the energy release for three different reconnection dynamics is presented. The system under investigation consists in a current-sheet located in a medium with a strong density variation along the current layer: such system is modeled as it were located in the high chromosphere/low solar corona as in the case of pre- flare and coronal mass ejection (CME) configurations or in the aftermath of such explosive phenomena. By triggering different magnetic-reconnection dynamics, that is from a laminar slow evolution to a spontaneous non-steady turbulent reconnection [1, 2, 3], we observe a rather different efficiency and temporal behavior with regard to the energy fluxes associated with each of these reconnection-driven evolutions. These discrepancies are fundamental key-properties to create realistic models of the triggering mechanisms and initial evolution of all those phenomena requiring fast (and high power)magnetic reconnection events within the solar environment.
Book: Proceedings of the 12th International Solar Wind Conference
Pages: 60 - 63
Publication year:2010
Authors from:Higher Education