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Assessing the burden of human cysticercosis in Vietnam

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

OBJECTIVES: To describe the occurrence of cysticercosis in patients living in rural areas of Northern Vietnam presenting clinical signs of neurocysticercosis. METHODS: Serological antigen detection, reflecting current infection with viable larval stages of Taenia solium, was used to estimate the prevalence of active cysticercosis in this patient population. RESULTS: The seroprevalence in epileptic patient population was
Journal: Tropical Medicine and International Health
ISSN: 1360-2276
Issue: 3
Volume: 18
Pages: 352-356
Publication year:2013
Keywords:Helminthic diseases, Zoonoses, Neurocysticercosis, Epilepsy, Taenia solium, Pigs, Disease burden, Prevalence, Assessment, Antigen detection, Detection, Clinical manifestations, Signs and symptoms, Headache, Vietnam, Asia-Southeast
  • Scopus Id: 84873992842
  • PubMed Id: 23279716