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Boosting Self-Assembly Diversity in the Solid-State by Chiral/Non-Chiral Zn-II-Porphyrin Crystallization

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

A chiral ZnII porphyrin derivative 1 and its achiral analogue 2 were studied in the solid state. Considering the rich molecular recognition of designed metalloporphyrins 1 and 2 and their tendency to crystallize, they were recrystallized from two solvent mixtures (CH2 Cl2 /CH3 OH and CH2 Cl2 /hexane). As a result, four different crystalline arrangements (1 a,b and 2 a,b, from 0D to 2D) were obtained. Solid-state studies were performed on all the species to analyze the role played by chirality, solvent mixtures, and surfaces (mica and HOPG) in the supramolecular arrangements. By means of combinations of solvents and substrates a variety of microsized species was obtained, from vesicles to flower-shaped arrays, including geometrical microcrystals. Overall, the results emphasize the environmental susceptibility of metalloporphyrins and how this feature must be taken into account in their design.
Journal: Chemistry - a European Journal
ISSN: 0947-6539
Issue: 49
Volume: 24
Pages: 12950 - 12960
Number of pages: 11
Publication year:2018