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Boundaries, extents and circulations : an introduction to spatiality and the early modern concept of space

Book Contribution - Chapter

This introductory chapter spells out our vision of a more inclusive history of space. We start with a close look at the meaning of the concept of space and its cognates, noting their practical as well as theoretical implications. In exploring earthly, imaginary and (un)godly places and spaces, we remain in continuous interaction with the classical historiography of space but also add unexpected perspectives. Suspicious of linear or teleological accounts, we stress the flourishing and mixing of many different ideas about space. This chapter is simultaneously a stand-alone introduction to the history of early modern space and an introduction to the contributions that follow, which we locate in a thematic network.
Book: Boundaries, extents and circulations : space and spatiality in early modern natural philosophy
Series: Studies in history and philosophy of science
Pages: 1 - 32
Publication year:2016