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Calibration of a BES model of an educational building with demand controlled ventilation

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A building energy simulation (BES) model of an educational building in Belgium, built according to the Passive House standard and equipped with demand controlled ventilation (DCV), is calibrated using real monitoring data. Measurements of room temperature, fan and heating power are used to calibrate the BES model. This calibration process involves a manual calibration based on an iterative approach. Results show that the simulation results fit within the set requirements for mean bias error (MBE) and coefficient of variation of the root mean square error (CvRMSE) for daily data. This calibrated simulation model is used to determine the energy saving potential of the DCV system compared to a constant air volume (CAV) system. DCV causes annual energy savings of 42% for fan energy use and 46% for heating energy.
Book: Proceedings of the 15th IBPSA Conference
Pages: 43 - 51
Publication year:2017