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Cette mesure est-elle vrannent cle? A constructional approach to categorial gradience

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© 2014 Cambridge University Press. This article investigates the recently developed adjectival properties of the French noun clé 'key', as attested in for instance un poste très clé 'a really key position' and Cette mesure est-elle vraiment clé? 'Is this measure really key?'. The main purpose of this study is triple: it consists in analysing (i) which adjectival uses can be found in modern French, (ii) to what extent they are accepted by native speakers (from different geographical varieties) of French, and (iii) how they can be accounted for within the framework of Construction Grammar and Construction Morphology. It will be hypothesised that French clé is subject to categorial gradience as a consequence of an ongoing constructionalisation process.
Journal: Journal of French Language Studies
ISSN: 0959-2695
Issue: 1
Volume: 25
Pages: 115 - 142
Number of pages: 28
Publication year:2015