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Circulating Transcripts and Biomarkers in Uterine Tumors: Is There a Predictive Role?

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Uterine cancer comprises endometrial carcinoma and the uterine sarcoma. Endometrial carcinomas are the most frequent variant and have early symptoms and a solid diagnostic work up, resulting in a rather fair prognosis. However, in case of advanced stage disease and relapse, treatment options are limited and prognosis is impaired. Uterine sarcomas are rare, often lacking symptoms and no diagnostic tool for correct pre-operative diagnosis are available. Prognosis is poor. RECENT FINDINGS: Circulating biomarkers as a liquid biopsy could be beneficial as a diagnostic tool in uterine sarcomas. For both carcinomas and sarcomas, circulating biomarkers could be of use in predicting early disease recurrence. This review in endometrial carcinoma and uterine sarcoma focus on circulating biomarkers; such as proteins; circulating tumor cells; circulating tumor DNA; microRNA; and immune cells.
Journal: Current Oncology Reports
ISSN: 1523-3790
Issue: 2
Volume: 22