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Climate fiction : a posthumanist survey

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Discussions of climate fiction (or “cli-fi”) frequently revolve around the thematic dimension of the genre or its possible effects on readers. In this article, the NARMESH team adopts a different approach focusing instead on the formal affordances of fiction vis-à-vis the climate crisis. Our goal is to offer a posthumanism-inspired survey of fiction that pursues a rigorous critique of human exceptionalism and anthropocentrism at a deep, formal level. Unashamedly experimental, this kind of fiction pushes the humanist envelope of the novel far more forcefully and systematically than most mainstream cli-fi does. The climate fictions we have in mind need not be about climate change, but they speak to the complex challenges of the current moment by implementing a number of formal strategies: nonhuman narration or focalization, global plotting, deep temporality, parallel storyworlds, the inclusion of multimodal or non-narrative elements, and the adoption of non-Western narrative models.
ISSN: 2031-2970
Issue: 2
Volume: 27
Pages: 6 - 21
Publication year:2022