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Concessive conditionals as a family of constructions

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This squib sketches an approach to concessive conditionals (CCs) from the perspective of Radical Construction Grammar (Croft 2001). It brings earlier functional-typological work on CCs to bear on language-particular constructionist analyses of CCs, using the notions of U+2018family (of constructions)U+2019 and U+2018prototypeU+2019 as a bridge. After suggesting how these notions can be applied to CCs under a functional-typological approach, the structure of the CC sub-constructicon in German is discussed, and directions for future research are offered to round the squib off.
Journal: Belgian Journal of Linguistics
ISSN: 0774-5141
Volume: 34
Pages: 234 - 246
Publication year:2020