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Creating inclusive classrooms in primary and secondary schools: From noticing to differentiated practices

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Differentiated instruction is advocated as a means to create inclusive classrooms. The hypothesis guiding this study is that teachers' ability to notice inclusive teaching practices and to reason about it are connected to their differentiated practices. Two instruments are adopted to measure this: the e-PIC videography tool, that maps teachers' professional vision, and the DI-Quest, that measures self-reported differentiated practices. Clustering teachers' noticing and reasoning, this study found two groups of teachers. Results reveal that teachers who are more proficient at noticing inclusive practices, also report implementing more differentiated practices, compared to teachers who are less able at noticing them. (C) 2020 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Journal: Teaching and teacher education
ISSN: 0742-051X
Volume: 100
Number of pages: 9
Publication year:2021
Keywords:Inclusive education