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Das Unterweltverhör : U+200BMetamediale Überlegungen in modernen Nekrodialogen von Bertolt Brecht und Walter Jens

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

From the end of the 19th century on, the spiritist desire to communicate with the dead has led artists to experiment with different technical media, such as photography, radio and film. In this article, I aim to interpret the ways in which technical conditions of the media modify modern Dialogues of the Dead. I will argue that the intertextual dialogue between BrechtU+2019s radioplay Das Verhör des Lukullus and JensU+2019 text B.in der Unterwelt and their use of the ancient motif of the tribunal hearing generate a selfU+2013reflexive, and critical discussion about concepts of mediality and receptivity.
ISSN: 2164-8646
Issue: 3
Volume: 44
Pages: 509 - 526
Publication year:2021