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Encapsulation performance of layer-by-layer microcapsules for proteins

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This study reports on the encapsulation efficiency of proteins in dextran sulfate/poly-l-arginine-based microcapsules, fabricated via layer-by-layer assembly (LbL). For this purpose, radiolabeled proteins are entrapped in CaCO3 microparticles, followed by LbL coating of the CaCO3 cores and subsequent dissolving of the CaCO3 using EDTA. To allow to improve protein encapsulation in LbL microcapsules, we studied all steps in the preparation of the microcapsules where loss of protein load might occur. The encapsulation efficiency of proteins in LbL microcapsules turns out to be strongly dependent on both the charge and molecular weight of the protein as well as on the number of polyelectrolyte bilayers the microcapsules consist of.
Journal: Biomacromolecules
ISSN: 1525-7797
Issue: 4
Volume: 12
Pages: 1283 - 1289
Publication year:2011