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Étude comparative de la diversité des macrochampignons dans les plantations forestières matures d'eucalyptus et de pins en zone de savanes tropicales à l'Ouest du Cameroun

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

To meet the need for wood in the African savanna zone, forest plantations have been established
since the 1930s. Exotic tree species of the genera Pinus and Eucalyptus are the major groups
planted in the Western Highlands of Cameroon where they form artificial forests whose mycoflora
is not yet documented. This study aimed at comparing the macro-fungi diversity in mature
eucalyptus and pine plantations in tropical savannas, particularly in the Melap Forest Reserve.
Four permanent plots of 1000 m2 were installed in each plant community, sporophores were
collected and identified from April to June 2016; species richness and generic diversity were
calculated. A total of 125 species were inventoried. Taxonomic diversity was significantly higher
in Eucalyptus communities than in Pinus communities, with 107 and 33 species respectively. The
number of ectomycorrhizal species was higher in the eucalyptus plots where a few locally
consumed species were found. The mycofloral abundance in Eucalyptus communities is explained
by the presence of local tree species hosting ectomycorrhizal fungi, such as Uapaca guineensis.
Journal: Ecoscience
Pages: 1-13
Number of pages: 14
Publication year:2020