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Eugenio Coseriu : past, present and future

Book - Book

The volume is published on the occasion of the birth centennial of Eugenio Coseriu (1921U+20132002). It is the first collective volume to appear in English in which various scholars present a variety of perspectives on CoseriuU+2019s scholarly work and discuss its continuing relevance for the language sciences. CoseriuU+2019s international reputation has suffered from his commitment to publish in languages such as Spanish, German, French, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese, to the detriment of English. As a consequence, his work is less well-known outside Romance and German linguistics. The volume aims to raise the general awareness of CoseriuU+2019s work among linguists around the world, in accordance with CoseriuU+2019s own adage that it takes a constructive mindset (acknowledging U+201Caccomplishments and limitationsU+201D) to do justice to all scholarly work in the humanities. The articles are organized into three major thematic clusters: 1) philosophy of language, 2) history of the language sciences and 3) theory and practice of U+201CIntegral LinguisticsU+201D. The volume is essential reading for anyone working in these fields and for those seeking to gain deeper understanding of CoseriuU+2019s goal to develop a unitary approach to language which takes as its point of departure the U+201Cactivity of speakingU+201D.
Pages: 406 p.
Publication year:2021