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Exploring the Importance of Social and Ecological Criteria in Cost-Benefit Analysis of Transport Projects in Belgium and the Netherlands

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Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is a widely used method for the ex-ante evaluation of transport projects, but has also received wide criticism for its limited appreciation of social and ecological effects. In this research we explore the relative contribution of different effect groups on recent CBA reports in the Netherlands and Flanders. Outcomes show that in CBA practice social- and ecological- criteria still amounts to only a small fraction of monetized effects, 16% and 3% respectively, and therefore have limited impact on CBA outcome
Book: Proceedings of the BIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Days 2023
Pages: 361-368
Number of pages: 8
Publication year:2023
Keywords:Cost-benefit analysis, Transport and Mobility, Sustainability, Evaluation
  • ORCID: /0000-0001-6635-6243/work/159109578
  • ORCID: /0000-0002-6267-505X/work/144787322
  • ORCID: /0000-0002-5411-0817/work/144787773