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The genus Eunotia (Bacillariophyta) in the Falkland Islands and species-area relationships in sub-Antarctic islands

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

We document the morphology of 15 species of Eunotia from freshwater habitats in the Falkland Islands using light and electron microscopy, and describe four new species, Eunotia australovalida, Eunotia inconspicua, Eunotia floweriana and Eunotia latecapitata. Diatom assemblages were studied from a range of habitats on East Falkland, West Falkland, Saunders Island and Pebble Island, which differed in water chemistry and hydrological conditions including streams, ponds, lakes, springs and damp terrestrial habitats. Significant site and species groups obtained by cluster analysis are related to environmental conditions. Island species-area relationships for Eunotia from the sub-Antarctic region, and the wider geographic distributions of seven Eunotia species from the Falkland Islands are shown.
Journal: Diatom research
ISSN: 0269-249X
Volume: 33
Pages: 413 - 452
Publication year:2018