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Governance and policy. Organizational factors influencing the international sporting success in Judo

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Judo NGBs should strive to be effective and efficient, because they need to respond to the pressures of the competitive environment given that the expectations and interests of all involved in their achievement of results (athletes, clubs, funded agencies, public opinion, etc.).
Traditionally, are used to measure success in sport the medals table: a performance indicator that is easy to understand although it has limitations making a superficial analysis (De Bosscher et al., 2008; Shibli et al., 2007). In other cases, medals won are relativized with geopolitical data (GDP, HDI, etc.), but, this variables that are beyond the control of judo performance directors, not making possible the development of sports policies to achieve international success in judo.
In this study it was verified the performance of the countries competing in judo at London 2012, considering the comparison between medals table, total medals won, points system and market share adapted to the sport. The results showed significant differences mainly between the performance of countries from the medals table and other methods. The market share system adapted for judo competitions brought interesting results, because it considered the quality and quantity of the results, the number of athletes who have real chance to medal and the relative performance of each country during the analyzed event. Also is suggested as indicators for evaluating success the number of qualified athletes and medal winners at international events and the performance of athletes during seasons.
The development and utilization of appropriate methods to evaluate the performance in high performance sport like judo has become an important issue for both managers and academic researchers (Winand et al., 2011).and is essential for judo NGBs to analyze, understand their performance and improve their goals and plans in major international judo competitions.
Book: Crossing borders through science
Pages: 445-446
Keywords:judo, elite sport policies, systems theory