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Immersive Virtual Reality for Older Adults: Empirically Grounded Design Guidelines

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Despite the proliferation of research on immersive virtual reality (IVR) technologies for older adults, comprehensive guidelines on designing immersive and engaging VR for older adults remain sparse. Therefore, we first compounded 67 guidelines based on published literature. Next, to empirically ground these design recommendations, we provided 37 older adults of diverse ages, education levels, and cognitive abilities with a first VR experience. Analyzing interviews with the 37 older adults via the Laddering method, we found that they generally reported positive experiences with their first VR exposure. With these deepened insights, we reflect on, nuance, and contextualize existing design guidelines, and formulate points to bear in mind when designing accessible and engaging VR experiences for older persons.
Journal: ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing
ISSN: 1936-7228
Issue: 3
Volume: 14
Pages: 1 - 30
Publication year:2021