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Impact - Social and Behavioural Change - Development Strategy Implications

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Impact Day, UNAIDS, Geneva - March 29th, 2011
One of my key concerns is linked to communication policy: how can we bridge the gap between policy and practice in an optimal manner within the behaviour change cycle (BCC) in order to achieve sustainable behaviour change?

It is widely accepted that the behaviour change cycle(BCC) must include policy development, strategic planning, communication planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and a reporting process if it has to inform future policymaking and/or further communication planning and programming. However, all these BCC steps are interdependent and require that each stage be completed at different levels and by a range of different players. Often this does not happen.

It would therefore be fulfilling if we could discuss the following:
1. Optimization of the practice and implementation of BCC policies
2. Promotion of best practices
3. Optimal ways of establishing both vertical and horizontal cooperation among different stakeholders including those who regulate the communication chain
4. Strategic planning in communication in order to identify levers and tools for sustainable behavior change
Sharing knowledge, insights, ideas and perspectives on these points will be rewarding.
Book: Unknown
Keywords:Behaviour Change Communication, HIV/AIDS, Communication Initiative