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Influence of transport and storage conditions on beer quality and flavour stability

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© 2018 The Institute of Brewing & Distilling Breweries are exporting their brands overseas, resulting in an increasingly competitive and globalised beer market. Inevitably, the beer experiences varying and prolonged periods of transport and storage prior to consumption. During this process, the flavour of fresh beer deteriorates, leading to the presence of stale flavours and a decrease in the drinkability of the beer. Results reported here show that an increased temperature during beer transport and storage causes significant flavour deterioration, as determined analytically (increase in aldehydes, beer colour and haze formation, decrease in iso-α-acids concentration) and sensorially (increase in overall aging score). Further, laboratory experiments show that the vibration of beer results in a rapid decrease of oxygen. Moreover, inappropriate storage temperature has a negative effect on beer quality and stability, in particular when combined with vibration. © 2018 The Institute of Brewing & Distilling.
Journal: Journal of the Institute of Brewing
ISSN: 0046-9750
Issue: 1
Volume: 125
Pages: 60 - 68
Number of pages: 9
Publication year:2019
Keywords:Food & animal science & technology