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La micro-constructionalization in tandem : the copularization of tourner and virer

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Subtitle:Niek Van Wettere & Peter Lauwers, micro-constructionalization in tandem : the cop
This article explores U+201Cthe pathways of incipient grammaticalizationU+201D of a pair of change-of-state semi-copulas tourner/virer U+2018becomeU+2019 (< U+2018turnU+2019), within a Diachronic construction grammar - framework. Crucially, two mechanisms of SC-constructionalization play an important role in the process of copularization : (1) the interaction between oblique micro-constructions of an already bleached usage of the verb and their corresponding semi-copular micro-construction and (2) the lexical attraction exerted by a synonymic verb that attracts new verbs into the semi-copular construction (cf. analogization).
ISSN: 0023-8368
Issue: 2
Volume: 194
Pages: 85 - 104
Publication year:2017