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Making sense for social change?

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Subtitle:A theoretical approach from phylosophy to organi- zation studies
Making sense has been quite argued in Latin American Studies in Social Com- munication. Since Jesús Martin Bar- bero introduced his text “De los me- dios a las mediaciones” (1989), sense has started a complex and struggled path for being assumed as the object of study in Communication. However, its applicability has been limited to an only area of this domain: cultural pro- cess. Nevertheless, as it will be presen- ted in this paper, is possible to apply this category for understand and pro- mote social change process, because of the theoretical conditions within sense making has been developed.
In order to do so, it will be presented a review on the philosophical basis of this concept (hermeneutics and phe- nomenology), going through Latin American studies in Communication, to conclude with the incomes of or- ganizational and communitarian stu- dies. Thus, expand the common un- derstanding about sense making for new research interest by answering to the question: how making sense has been related with social change?
Journal: Punto Cero
ISSN: 1815-0276
Issue: 38
Volume: 24
Pages: 73-81
Publication year:2019
Keywords:Making sense, Communication, Social Change.