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Merging top-down and bottom-up influences on fitting in at school

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Subtitle:the role of ethnic congruence in overall and interethnic friendship formation
This study assesses whether ethnic congruence associates with students’ share of cross-group friendships and number of overall friendships. We investigate differences between natives, Western-European immigrants, and non-Western European immigrants. Multilevel analyses on 11,759 students across 83 Flemish secondary schools demonstrated that, for natives and Western-European immigrants, higher congruence linearly related to lower shares of cross-group friendships. For non-Western European immigrants we observed a U-curved relationship. Moreover, for the latter, higher congruence associated with more friendships overall. As such, non-Western European immigrants are better integrated in the peer group when at least a critical share of co-ethnics is present at school.
Journal: Sociological Quarterly : Official Journal of the Midwest Sociological Society.
ISSN: 0038-0253
Volume: 99
Number of pages: 23
Publication year:2020