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Misophonia: A scoping review of research

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: To scope the literature describing misophonia populations, management, and research opportunities. METHOD: Literature searches for research studies describing patients diagnosed with misophonia, defining a patient profile, or outlining development or testing of an intervention for misophonia. A data extraction form was developed and piloted before data from each article were independently charted by two researchers. Researchers then agreed on a final data set for each article. RESULTS: Thirty-one records were included. The misophonia population was described in terms of onset age, triggers, reaction, coping strategies, and comorbid conditions. We identified nine outcome measures. Case studies on treatments included cognitive behavioral therapy, counterconditioning, mindfulness and acceptance, dialectical behavioral therapy, and pharmaceuticals. Future research priorities identified included clarifying the phenomenology and prevalence of misophonia, and randomized controlled trials of treatments. CONCLUSION: Misophonia is under-researched but there are strong foundations for future research to finalize diagnostic criteria, validate outcome measures, and trial treatments.
Journal: Journal of Clinical Psychology
ISSN: 0021-9762
Issue: 7
Volume: 75
Pages: 1203 - 1218
Number of pages: 16
Publication year:2019