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A Model Predictive Control Approach for Time Optimal Point-to-point Motion Control

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This paper presents a new model predictive control method for time-optimal point-to-point motion control of mechatronic systems. The formulation of time-optimal behavior within the model predictive control framework and the structure of the underlying optimization problem are discussed and modifications are presented in order to decrease the computational load of the numerical solution method such that sampling rates in the millisecond range and long prediction horizons for large point-to-point motions are feasible. An extensive experimental validation on a linear motor drive and an overhead crane setup demonstrates the advantages of the developed time-optimal model predictive control approach in comparison with traditional model predictive control. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Journal: Mechatronics
ISSN: 0957-4158
Issue: 7
Volume: 21
Pages: 1203 - 1212
Publication year:2011
BOF-publication weight:1
CSS-citation score:2
Authors from:Higher Education