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Neural auditory processing of parameterized speech envelopes

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Speech perception depends highly on the neural processing of the speech envelope. Several auditory processing deficits are hypothesized to result in a reduction in fidelity of the neural representation of the speech envelope across the auditory pathway. Furthermore, this reduction in fidelity is associated with supra-threshold speech processing deficits. Investigating the mechanisms that affect the neural encoding of the speech envelope can be of great value to gain insight in the different mechanisms that account for this reduced neural representation, and to develop stimulation strategies for hearing prosthesis that aim to restore it. In this perspective, we discuss the importance of neural assessment of phase-locking to the speech envelope from an audiological view and introduce the Temporal Envelope Speech Tracking (TEMPEST) stimulus framework which enables the electrophysiological assessment of envelope processing across the auditory pathway in a systematic and standardized way. We postulate that this framework can be used to gain insight in the salience of speech-like temporal envelopes in the neural code and to evaluate the effectiveness of stimulation strategies that aim to restore temporal processing across the auditory pathway with auditory prostheses.
Journal: Hearing Research
ISSN: 0378-5955
Volume: 412
Publication year:2021