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A new plant-parasitic nematode species associated with coffee, Rotylenchus bunae n. sp. (Nematoda: Hoplolaimidae) from Jimma, Ethiopia

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Rotylenchus bunae n. sp. was discovered in the coffee rhizosphere in Gera district of Jimma, Ethiopia, and has been morphologically and molecularly characterised. The new species is identified by a female body length of 725-876 & mu;m, hemispherical lip region with 4-5 lip annuli, stylet length of 28-30 & mu;m, lateral field areolation only in the pharyngeal region, no cuticular striations, pharyngeal gland overlapping intestine dorsally by 15-26 & mu;m, double epiptygma, no clear spermathecae, vulva position at 54-58% of body length from anterior end, prominent fasciculi in mid and posterior body, rounded or sometimes slightly truncated, coarsely crenated tail with 11-13 annuli, and phasmids located at 7-16 annuli anterior to anus. No males were detected. This species was found closely related to other African Rotylenchus species, such as R. unisexus and R. wimbii; however, it could be well separated from them by both morphology and molecular data (D2-D3 of 28S and partial 18S of rDNA).
ISSN: 1388-5545
Issue: 7
Volume: 25
Pages: 791 - 800
Publication year:2023