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Online automated seizure detection in temporal lobe epilepsy patients using single-lead ECG

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Automated seizure detection in a home environment has been of increased interest the last couple of decades. The electrocardiogram is one of the signals that is suited for this application. In this paper, a new method is described that classifies different heart rate characteristics in order to detect seizures from temporal lobe epilepsy patients. The used support vector machine classifier is trained on data from other patients, so that the algorithm can be used directly from the start of each new recording. The algorithm was tested on a dataset of more than 918[Formula: see text]h of data coming from 17 patients containing 127 complex partial and generalized partial seizures. The algorithm was able to detect 81.89% of the seizures, with on average 1.97 false alarms per hour. These results show a strong drop in the number of false alarms of more than 50% compared to other heart rate-based patient-independent algorithms from the literature, at the expense of a slightly higher detection delay of 17.8s on average.
Journal: International Journal of Neural Systems
ISSN: 0129-0657
Issue: 7
Volume: 27
Pages: 1750022 - 1750022
BOF-publication weight:10
CSS-citation score:2
Authors from:Government, Higher Education