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Perceptual quality of 4K-resolution video content compared to HD

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With the introduction of 4K UHD video and display resolution, questions arise on the perceptual differences between 4K UHD and upsampled HD video content. In this paper, a striped pair comparison has been performed on a diverse set of 4K UHD video sources. The goal was to subjectively assess the perceived sharpness of 4K UHD and downscaled/upscaled HD video. A striped pair comparison has been applied in order to make the test as straightforward as possible for a non-expert participant population. Under these conditions and over this set of sequences, on average, on 54.8% of the sequences (17 out of 31), 4K UHD resolution content could be identified as being sharper compared to its HD down and upsampled alternative. The probabilities in which 4K UHD could be differentiated from downscaled/upscaled HD range from 83.3% for the easiest to assess sequence down to 39.7% for the most difficult sequence. Although significance tests demonstrate there is a positive sharpness difference from camera quality 4K UHD content compared to the HD downscaled/upscaled variations, it is very content dependent and all circumstances have been chosen in favor of the 4K UHD representation. The results of this test can contribute to the research process of developing metrics indicating visibility of high resolution features within specific content.
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