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Performance of BacT/Alert resin-based FN plus bottles compared with BacT/Alert charcoal-based FN bottles for the detection of anaerobes in experimentally seeded blood cultures

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Recently new resin-based BacT/Alert FAN Plus bottles containing antibiotic-binding polymeric beads, were introduced as an improvement of the charcoal-based FAN bottles for the recovery of bacteria and fungi. To assess the performance of the novel anaerobic FN plus bottles in the detection of anaerobic organisms, we compared the detection rate and the time to detection (TTD) in spiked resin-based FN Plus bottles and charcoal-based FN bottles. The bottles were experimentally seeded with reference strains or clinical strains collected from positive blood cultures. Five reference strains and fifty-five clinically significant anaerobic isolates were investigated, of which 91% (61/67) showed growth in both types of bottles within an incubation time of 5 days. A significant prolonged median TTD of 45 h for anaerobic microorganisms was observed in the resin-based bottles versus 29 h in the charcoal-based bottles (P < 0.0001). Bacteroides spp., associated with higher virulence and higher mortality rates in bloodstream infections, were detected faster in the charcoal-based bottles as compared to the resin-based bottles. In conclusion recently improved resin FN bottles showed a significantly increased median TTD for the recovery of anaerobic isolates.
Journal: Anaerobe
ISSN: 1075-9964
Volume: 35
Pages: 92-95
Publication year:2015
CSS-citation score:1