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Pod storage with roasting : a tool to diversifying the flavor profiles of dark chocolates produced from U+2018bulkU+2019 cocoa beans? (Part II : quality and sensory profiling of chocolates)

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The impact of pod storage (PS) and roasting temperature (RT) on the quality parameters and the sensory profiles of dark chocolates were evaluated. Dark chocolates (70%) from ten liquors of different PS and RT combinations as well as six liquors of different origins (Ecuador, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Venezuela and Vietnam) with variable genetic groups were produced under identical conditions and compared. To a greater extent, the range of chocolate quality attributes underscored the generally minimal effects of PS, RT and origin of liquor on the processing conditions. Although with a few exceptions, generally, chocolate acidity (pH and TA) decreased with increasing PS and vice versa in the case of RT. Furthermore, results from a balanced incomplete block design (BIBD) involving a 16-member expert panel also revealed the impact of the applied treatments (PS and RT) on the final flavor profiles of the chocolates irrespective of the origin or genetic groups of the cocoa beans. The same was confirmed when instrumental aroma results were correlated with the sensory data using partial least squares (PLS) regression models. Thus, this study demonstrates the possibility of creating diverse flavor profiles (even towards U+2018fineU+2019 flavor) from U+2018bulkU+2019 cocoa beans through an optimized combination of PS and RT. The findings are therefore expected to challenge the status-quo, especially in the way U+2018bulkU+2019 cocoa is currently processed and consequently priced, thereby, possibly fostering a win-win situation between cocoa producers and industries.
ISSN: 1873-7145
Volume: 132
Number of pages: 1
Publication year:2020