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Predicting Sickness Impact Profile at six months after stroke: results from the Collaborative Evaluation of Rehabilitation in Stroke across Europe (CERISE) study

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Abstract Purpose: To develop prognostic models and equations for predicting participation at six months after stroke. Methods: This European prospective cohort study recruited 532 consecutive patients from four rehabilitation centers. Participation was assessed at six months after stroke with the Sickness Impact Profile (SIP), which consists of a physical, psychosocial and independent dimension. Twenty-six independent variables on admission to the rehabilitation center and 13 additional variables measured at two months post stroke were included in the analysis. A multiple logistic regression analysis was conducted predicting good participation (SIP?
Journal: Disability & Rehabilitation
ISSN: 0963-8288
Issue: 11
Volume: 37
Pages: 942-950
Publication year:2015
Keywords:Barthel index; prediction; prognosis; sickness imp
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  • Scopus Id: 84928139737