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Reaching consensus for comprehensive outcome measurement after urethral stricture surgery : development of study protocol for stricture-fecta criteria

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Urethral stricture disease is a very heterogeneous condition where different urethral segments can be involved as a result of diverse etiologies which come with variable prognosis. The surgical management of urethral strictures, and in particular urethroplasties can result in very diverse outcomes on many levels and, currently, there is absolutely no consensus about what should and what should not be considered a "success" after urethral surgery. In the wake of well-established quality criteria in urologic oncology, such as tri-or pentafecta outcomes, and given the lack of agreement on meaningful outcomes after urethral surgery, we aim to introduce our study protocol as the first step of a multistep research endeavor to reach consensus on comprehensive urethroplasty outcomes within a novel conceptual framework: the "stricture-fecta criteria". The development of stricture-fecta will be based on a Delphi consensus involving some of worldwide most influencing reconstructive urologists.
ISSN: 2253-2447
Volume: 14
Pages: 423 - 426
Publication year:2022