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Risk factor and symptoms of burnout in physiotherapists in the canton of Bern

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Background: Several studies have shown that the risk of burnout is high for people working in health professions. Many physiotherapists have either suffered from burn out personally or have seen colleagues suffer from it. In Switzerland, there is a lack of evidence concerning the risk factors and symptoms for burnout among physiotherapist.The aim of this study was to empirically identify risk factors and symptoms of burnout in physiotherapists working in the canton of Bern.

Method: Based on interview guidelines, three semi-structured interviews with physiotherapists who experienced burn out themselves were conducted. The questions were divided into two main categories: risk factors and symptoms. For analysis, the interviews were transcribed and assigned to individual categories.

Results: High personal expectations and the pressure that comes with working on patients with chronic complaints were the most common answers from the participants. In this study these factors can be considered as important risk factors. In particular, emotional exhaustion and depression seem to be relevant burnout symptoms which lead to a decrease in personal performance.

Conclusion: In this study physiotherapists with burn out working in an acute care hospital tend to suffer from symptoms of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. For physiotherapists, sensitization to symptoms and risk factors of burnout is essential in daily work as well as in education. The results of this study might be of interest for physiotherapist or physiotherapists students to prevent and sensitive them for burnout symptoms.

Journal: Archives of Physiotherapy
ISSN: 2057-0082
Volume: 9
Publication year:2019