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Sports-related meniscal injury

Book Contribution - Chapter

Meniscal lesions are frequent in both the general and the athletic population and may cause severe functional impairment. In this chapter, the (micro)anatomy, vascularization and function of the menisci are described. In the event of a suspected meniscal injury, conventional radiography and arthrography are no longer recommended. Conventional MRI has become the preferred imaging modality, if necessary followed by MR (or CT) arthrography in the postoperative meniscus. Correct description of tears seen on MRI is essential, as it may guide treatment. The major classifications of meniscal lesions are described as well as some more rare lesions that can be seen in athletes. It must however be stressed that correlation with clinical information is of utmost importance, as some meniscal lesions may be asymptomatic and do not require treatment.
Book: Medical radiology
Pages: 1 - 26
Publication year:2020