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Support for people bereaved or affected by suicide and for their careers in Queensland: quality of resources and a classification framework

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© 2018, © 2018 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group. Objective: People bereaved by suicide, people who make suicide attempts and people who care for someone at risk of suicide may experience negative psychosocial and physical health outcomes. Provision of support to these populations is an important component of suicide prevention and postvention in Australia, including the Queensland Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2015–2017. This study aimed to identify, classify and review resources available in Queensland for people affected by suicide using an innovative classification framework. Method: Searches of the grey literature were completed in Google Chrome in August/September 2016 using seven search terms relevant to Queensland. The first three pages of results were recorded, assessed for suitability, and analysed using a classification framework created by the authors. Results: The study found 24 resources for people affected by suicide in Queensland. The majority of resources (n = 14, 58%) targeted the bereaved, four (17%) addressed carers of people affected by suicide, and six (25%) were general suicide prevention resources. None of the resources specifically targeted people who have made a suicide attempt. The quality of the resources varied and only two had been evaluated. Discussion: Using the classification framework the study identified several gaps, such as relative lack of resources for specific vulnerable populations, including minority subgroups, older adults and men. There is also space for improvement in both the implementation of rigorous evaluation and quality assurance mechanisms for the development of suicide prevention and postvention resources, and in their co-creation with consumers.
Journal: Advances in Mental Health
ISSN: 1838-7357
Issue: 2
Volume: 17
Pages: 178 - 195
Number of pages: 18
Publication year:2019