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An systematic review of e-learning outcomes in undergraduate dental radiology curricula-levels of learning and implications for researchers and curriculum planners

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

OBJECTIVES: To examine the outcomes of e-learning or blended learning interventions in undergraduate dental radiology curricula and analyze the nature of the knowledge levels addressed in learning interventions. METHODS: A systematic literature review was performed using a search strategy based on MeSH key words specific to the focus question and indexed in the MEDLINE database. The search again was supplemented by hand-searching of selected journals. Data were extracted relating to outcomes of knowledge and student perceptions. Analysis of the e-learning intervention was performed using a new framework to examine the level of knowledge undertaken: (1) remember/understand (2) analysis or evaluation or diagnosis and (3) performance ("knows how" or "shows how"). RESULTS: From the selected 17 papers, 11 were positive about student reported outcomes of the interventions, and 8 reported evidence that e-learning interventions enhanced learning. Out of the included studies, 8 used e-learning at the level of remember/understand, 4 at the level of analysis/evaluate/diagnosis, and 5 at the level of performance ("knows how," "shows how"). CONCLUSIONS: The learning objectives, e-learning intervention, outcome measures and reporting methods were diverse and not well reported. This makes comparison between studies and an understanding of how interventions contributed to learning impractical. Future studies need to define "knowledge" levels and performance tasks undertaken in the planning and execution of e-learning interventions and their assessment methods. Such a framework and approach will focus our understanding in what ways e-learning is effective and how it contributes to better evidence-based e-learning experiences.
Journal: Dentomaxillofacial Radiology
ISSN: 0250-832X
Issue: 1
Volume: 48
Publication year:2019