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Taking adolescentsU+2019 agency in socialization seriously : the role of appraisals and cognitiveU+2010behavioral responses in autonomyU+2010relevant parenting

Journal Contribution - Review Article

Parent-adolescent relationships are highly bidirectional in nature, with parental behaviors affecting adolescents' adjustment and with adolescents' behaviors, in turn, eliciting parental practices. However, there is more to adolescents' agency in the socialization process than simple reciprocity. Adolescents contribute actively to the quality and nature of the parent-adolescent relationship by giving meaning to parental behaviors and by engaging in cognitive-behavioral responses to parenting. These processes are discussed in the context of autonomy-relevant parenting, a dimension of parenting with pivotal importance for adolescents' psychosocial adjustment. We call for more research on themicro-processes involved in adolescents' agency because such research can yield a deeper insight in adolescents' differential susceptibility to parenting (depending on factors such as age, culture, and personality). It can also help to explain the multifinality involved in parenting, with, for instance, controlling parenting relating to distinct developmental problems in different adolescents. Finally, such research has applied value because it can help identify adolescents most at risk for the consequences of adverse parenting, and because it can help inform prevention programs aimed at strengthening constructive parent-adolescent communication.
Journal: New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development
ISSN: 1520-3247
Volume: 173
Pages: 7 - 26
Publication year:2020
Keywords:Psychology & behavioral sciences, General, regional & communitiy issues