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Toward zero-touch test amplification

Book - Dissertation

Effective testing is essential in today’s digital society. Not only do effective tests enhance quality, speed up the development process, and reduce the risk, but ultimately they result in better software. Effective testing is even more important in the context of software ecosystems. These are networks of technical components built by a loosely coupled heterogeneous group of software engineers. The high degree of interdependencies between the components, in combination with the constant evolution within the network, makes effective testing a real challenge. In this dissertation, we investigate the use of test amplifiers in the context of software ecosystems. We exploit the symbiotic relationship between the test amplifier on the one hand and the network on the other hand. We conduct this investigation from the perspective of two feedback loops: (1) The test amplifier is fed by knowledge extracted *out* of the ecosystem, like the source code, development history, interproject dependencies, and developers’ activities. (2) The test amplifier provides improvements *in* the available tests to reduce the impact of software defects. In our research, we, therefore, applied test amplifiers in new ecosystems, identified points for improvement, and proposed possible solutions. This includes preliminary results concerning the transplantation of tests from one project to a similar project within the ecosystem. As such, we have made important steps towards the ultimate dream: a “zero-touch” test amplifier that strengthens the tests within a software ecosystem without any human intervention.
Number of pages: 189
Keywords:Doctoral thesis