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Transfer verbs with prepositional themes in English, Dutch and French: a contrastive analysis

Book Contribution - Chapter

While English, Dutch and French mainly resort to neutral alignment (e.g. double object constructions) or indirective alignment (e.g. prepositional dative constructions) to express transfer in three-argument structures, a more limited set of transfer verbs also allows for secundative alignment (with an unmarked recipient and a prepositional theme). The present paper explores the degree to which these patterns alternate with other ditransitive constructions and aims to lay bare interesting cross-linguistic differences on the basis of corpus analysis. The study reveals substantial differences in degrees of use and leniency in the three languages under comparison.
Book: Le verbe en verve : réflexions sur la syntaxe et la sémantique verbales : en hommage à Dominique Willems à l'occasion de son éméritat
Pages: 5 - 24
Publication year:2012